Common Mistakes Beginners Make In Internet Marketing

Information Overload

In a desperate attempt to learn everything quickly, beginners soon find themselves overwhelmed with too much information. And it doesn’t help the new information virtually doubles every 18 months. So be careful with that.

Unrealistic Beliefs

Driven by envy and the dreams of making money gurus, the average internet newbie develops an irrational belief that he or she can make a lot of money easily and within a ridiculously short amount of time.


Since 95% of the working adults have at least one time worked for someone else, as soon as they transit from being employed to self-employed they suddenly have to make decisions for themselves. As a result, deliberate waiting and procrastination happen.

Did Not Get Own Domain

Most newbies usually do not see this as a long-term business, and even though those who want to become successful would not have thought of securing their own domain.

Did Not Become Product Creator

Lured by the myth that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, Most amateurs stay (struggling) at promoting other people’s products – while the vendors get rich and richer.

Did Not Focus On List Building

The majority of the newbies do not think about building a list or see it as important. Strangely, a survey of 3000 people showed that only 348 people were interested in building their list.

Try To Work Alone

This explains why newbies opt for methods such as article marketing, SEO, PPC, and link building as these methods don’t require dealing with people. So you have to be a bit more watchful and cautious.

Having No Mentor

A qualified Coach would charge typically thousands of dollars. Ruling out the masses who cannot afford or find it too risky to invest in their first venture would typically be ended up without going much further.

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