What is

Highline Business offer thousands of resell rights, master resell rights, plr (private label rights), giveaway and personal usage products and Templates. You will find products like eBooks, templates, graphics, WordPress themes mainly related to Small Business, Online Business and Marketing and many more different products. You just need to Sign up and create an account. That's it.

How can I download the product?

Once you signed up with an account you can purchase and start downloading instantly! you will be immediately granted download access rights when you purchase the product/products available on our website. All your downloads are available in your Downloads section under My Account.

What payment do you accept?

We accept payment via Paypal/Stripe only because Paypal/Stripe accept credit card and debit card from majority of the country in the world.

Is there any restriction what I can or cannot do with the products?

Each different product is licensed under different license terms. You can find out the specific terms with regards to a product is by looking at the product licensing specific terms. If the product doesn’t come with any specific licensing terms, then you will be granted a common normal licensing rights that is mentioned on the product details page.

What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?

This license allows you to rebrand the product/products as your own and resell them to your customers.

What is Master Resell Rights (MRR)?

This license grants you the rights to resell the product with either basic resell rights or master resell rights license to your customers. In short, you can resell the product with resell right or master resell right license to your customers.

What is Give Away Right?

This license gives you the rights to give the products for free to the people.

Can I Deactivate/Delete My Account When I Want?

Yes, for sure. Please send us an E-mail in order to deactivate/delete your account. The process will be complete within 24 hours!

Is There Any Other Charges?

Your Highline Business Customer Account is a free account, there are no hidden charges and it's 100% free. You only pay for the product/products you purchase. You also have the free purchase option for which you don’t have to pay anything.


How Do I Become a Seller/Vendor?

You can become a Seller/Vendor and start earning on this website. You can sell any PLR/MRR digital downloadable content if you have appropriate resale rights/license or you can sell Templates, Planners of your very own means that are created by you only. Simply click on the Vendor Registration button, you need to fill up the initial Vendor Signup form and that's it. We will send you another Seller Form in your E-mail account within 24 hours. You need to go through a simple verification process. After successful verification you can have access over your Vendor account instantly! It's that easy to do so.

How much I can earn as a Vendor?

The Site Admin Commission is 25% on every sale you make as a vendor. Your minimum Threshold Amount for withdrawal is $50. You need to make a payment request; your amount will be credited through PayPal or Stripe within 48 Hrs.

What Kind of Product One can sell on this Website as a Vendor?

You can sell only downloadable digital content. You can’t sell any physical product. You can’t offer any service or can’t promote any affiliates through this website. You can sell your PLR/MRR content if you have appropriate license. But you can’t submit any product for publishing which is already available in the Site. However, in such situation you can sell the product through your very own Bundle or Package that you would like to offer. Use your brains! The very best thing You can do is rebrand or recreate PLR product/products and submit us for publishing.

How Do I Publish Products?

You can create your own product but you can’t publish product directly. However, once you create your product, first we will review and verify it before it will get listed on your Store. The process takes about 3-5 Hrs.

You should always use either Media Fire or Google Drive cloud storage to store your digital files. You shouldn’t use local file server to store your files. If you fail to comply your Vendor Account will be permanently deleted/terminated. However, you can save/store images, pictures on local file server. File size shouldn’t exceed 1MB/File.

When you submit your product, please add in the following:

Products Title
Products Description